Rei Art

I loved to create art as a teenager. For hours I would get engulfed in mixing colors to create textures, patterns and anything that would cross my mind. Although in college I went on to major in Economics, the artwork continued over weekends.

Now, after two decades, one teen kid and having run enough in the rat race of human life, the passion for art dawned once again. Rei means Dawn in Chinese, and resonates with my feelings about picking up those paints, paintbrushes and pens once again. The Dawn of Art in my life, Rei Art.2016


Story of an Artist

Creating a new work of art is like entering an unknown territory, a forest maybe, or a maze. Step by step you find your way or create one. In either of the cases, it challenges the soul. To search. To search deep. To create what lies deep within. The path of which only the Artist knows. The destination, everyone else. 

Inspired by the Ocean

Ocean-2bThe mysteries of the ocean have always intrigued me, there is so much yet to be explored. This artwork is a depiction of imagined colors and patterns, lying undiscovered, probably?


Repurposed an old tray, it was so used and out that the only option was to discard it. Pretty happy with the result after re-designing it. Using it is definitely blissful! :). 

One fine day…

It all began with some random doodling, with what I had, nothing was bought, nothing was planned, I only responded to that little voice inside me to simply pick up those pens and make something. That part of  me, which was rusting for many years, slowly emerged. As if my hands didn’t want to stop. For anyone it may seem ridiculous this randomness, may not look like a work of art either,  but for me it was the beginning of something which always existed and I knew, that this time there will be no stop to it.


Random doodling